Significance Of A Custom Logo Design In Your Business Standards

A logo plays an important role to make your business stand conspicuously beside the competitors. It’s always a difficult choice to get your logo designed by some professional logo makers or to create it at your own using some Logo maker app. Choose wisely because it all depends upon the uniqueness of your logo that how it is scanned in a viewer’s mind and then motivates him to come to you.

For unique logo designs, LogoJiffy.Com offers you to get your logo designed at irresistibly low price as it start from $30 a logo only. We offer very affordable logo design packages for your ease and also assure you to revise your logo as many times as you want until you are fully satisfied. 100% money back guarantee and a team of professional logo designers will not let you regret upon your choice.

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Though it is not a bad choice to make your logo by own but we have a team of professionals to guide you about the whole process of logo making. Before moving ahead, it is important to understand the difference between these two.

Custom Logo Vs Logo Maker

There are two types of logos which you can select for your upcoming business. One is that you can order and get custom logo design from a professional logo making company and other is you may use an app and make a logo out of it. Before moving ahead, it is important to know what these two are.

Custom Logo

A custom logo term stands for a logo that is purely designed for you keeping in mind the objectives and standards of your business. It can be a picture, a font or an icon showing the elements of your business. A Custom logo design is always made by a team of professional logo makers. That logo will be the unique one which no one else has ever used before. It will be designed for your company only. Its uniqueness will be 100% guaranteed by the logo making company.

Logo Maker App

A logo maker app helps to create a logo using various templates stored in its memory. Those templates are not unique as they imitate the logos of famous companies that exist before. It causes bad effect on your company’s standards. You can use these apps if you are low on budget but you have to keep in mind these drawbacks before doing so.

After observing these differences you must have decided where you have to go for your upcoming logo making project.

A logo design industry offers you various options and packages to choose from. You can take an overview of the qualities our professionals possess.

A custom logo design. Our process is quite simple yet complicated in its nature. To a user’s end, it is as simple as

  1. Choosing a package
  2. Placing your custom logo making order
  3. Giving a vision about your company’s motives or nature
  4. Receiving a drafted logo design from our professionals
  5. Adding in your desired colors, fonts or styles
  6. Mailing it back to the professionals
  7. Getting final draft after amendments
  8. Giving an approval (if you are satisfied)
  9. Getting your final design
  • Low Cost Logo Design Packages
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Over 40,000 satisfied customers
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • 24/7 support available for guidance during drafting process
  • Uniqueness 100% Guaranteed
  • At our end it is quite complicated. First of all our team needs to thoroughly understand customer’s demands about what he needs to get designed. Then going deep into the motives and objectives of your company and making drafts. After that we choose the most appropriate design which reflects your company’s positive sides. When we receive customer’s demands after revision, it is often too difficult to adjust the demanded color scheme. That calls for various meetings and emails but we try our best to not to bother the client too much. After getting approval, we take very short time to convert that draft into final files and deliver it to our client. Although we try our level best to satisfy our client’s demands but still if there is any dissatisfaction, we guarantee a 100% payback.